Freshdesk Integration

Submitted by Ion Agency on Mon, 03/16/2020 - 12:34 am

Ion Agency contributed and maintains the Freshdesk Integration module for Drupal.

The Freshdesk Integration module provides integration with Freshdesk help desk software from Freshworks and is listed as an official integration on the Freshworks Marketplace. This module focuses on web sites actively registering users/customers who would like to sync Drupal users with Freshdesk contacts and provide links to ticket management within Drupal user accounts or dashboards.

Please note that this module currently focuses on providing API-based integration with Freshdesk to sync user data between systems. We feel it's important to stabilize and test this functionality before adding additional features such as integrated ticket management within Drupal pages.

The module has been running stable for nearly two years on a high-volume e-commerce site that we host.


  • Push/sync users to Freshdesk from Drupal including profile photo
  • Provide links within Drupal to user's Freshdesk profile/board
  • Map roles to Freshdesk companies for advanced permissions management
  • Easy UI-based configuration

What's Next

Next up is Single Sign On/Remote Authentication to automatically authenticate your users entering the Freshdesk portal from your site!

Freshdesk Integration Support

Our development team knows Drupal and Freshdesk well, and can help connect Drupal with Freshdesk for your business. Get in touch today to find out about custom Freshdesk integrations for Drupal.