Control the Conversation

Submitted by Ion Agency on Wed, 09/18/2019 - 1:13 am
Woman using a laptop

Do you use Facebook or Instagram as your primary online presence? Maybe you have a business web site, but it hasn’t been updated since it was built. This scenario leads to a fragmented brand image. Let’s face it-the yellow pages are history and often your potential customer’s first impression of your business is what they find when they search you online. With so many separate social media channels, plus your own web site, domain name and third-party listings, if you aren’t keeping a tight control of your online image, you’re going to send a hundred different messages to a hundred different people.

The Solution

Controlling your online image is the name of the game. This means getting all your social media, your web site, third party and aggregator listings, and your offline collateral up to date and in sync. If your business has a fully staffed internal marketing department, you’re all set. However, the average business doesn’t, and this becomes an extraordinarily time-consuming job, taking away time you need to nurture and grow your business.

Ion Agency’s branding and social media experts can take charge of your presence and help you control the conversation. We create and control your brand image so you can shine, using your web site as the online hub of your business, strategically pushing unified updates out to social media channels to increase engagement. As a full-service agency, we create (or re-create) your logo, branding and all your collateral and keep it up-to-date and in sync everywhere. Get in touch today, and change the trajectory of your business.