About Us

A Passion for Business

Ion Agency is a full service marketing and development agency. Our passion is helping businesses leverage technology to create efficiencies and drive growth. We turn ideas into machines and love to think outside the box. Every day, each of us are thinking, doing, writing, designing, coding and building for the future.

What Makes Us Unique?

Our passion for what we do is what makes us different than any other agency. Our mission is our business, and we live it every day. Every single person at Ion Agency, from the top to the bottom, is an expert in their field.

Not a Traditional Agency

Ask any of us what we have accomplished anytime and you will not be bored. Unlike rigid agencies who are happy to collect a retainer and sit waiting for orders, we can't sit still. If we're not coding a web page or building beautiful print designs for a client, we are learning, practicing and advancing our skills for the next round.

Our Beginning

Product in warehouseIon Agency's roots go all the way back to 2005. What started as a simple idea to bring E-commerce to an established, traditional local business grew into a $3.7 Million operation within a year. This success propelled us into many other facets of online business, such as web hosting, lead generation and online marketing.

We have grown over the past fifteen years, mastering technologies and building a global network of partners and resources. Being involved in numerous startups has given us unique insight into the challenges faced by small businesses, and the skills to solve many of them.

Bringing our focus back to marketing and web development for small businesses and institutions, we have made a commitment to continue to serve our local friends and clients. You could say that Ion Agency is the culmination of fifteen years of innovation, but really, we're just getting started.